Hello and welcome to the Idiot'sGuide to E-Learning wikispace.

(IDIOT Idealist Devoted to Influencing Others Tirelessly)

Here at E-Learning for Idiots we pride ourselves on harvesting and developing E-Learning materials that we believe will enhance your teaching, learning experience, save you time and generally make your teaching more enjoyable.

So why not dive right in and help yourself to an E-Learning experience.

Oh! just one other thing. You may have noticed our idiot's mascot ROMulus, the blue rat. (His friends call him CD for short)

He's been hiding away from technology for some time but has finally decided to come out of his hole and investigate the wonderful world of E-Learning. Unfortunately, during his journey he has become lost somewhere within the wikispace. If you find him give him a click to help him on his way. We're sure he'll appreciate the help.